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Cream of forest mushrooms with almond whipped cream

EUR 5,90


Game consomée with cranberry dumplings

EUR 5,80


Cream of apple and celery with bacon chip

EUR 5,90





Smoked Norwegian salmon with herbal sour cream
served with vegetable-potato pancakes

EUR 13,90


Carpaccio from beef filet
 in walnut marinade with grated parmesan

EUR 14,50


Rolls from boiled veil filet with pumpkin vinaigrette
served with salads of the season

EUR 13,80


For the small hunger


“Nachtigall" salad with fried breast of chicken,
served with oven fresh bread

EUR 13,90


Variation of fish with pepper mackerel, smoked salmon
and smoked trout filet with horseradish served with toast and butter

EUR 14,50


Baked camembert with cranberry sauce and salad garni
served with toast and butter

EUR 13,50


“Strammer Max"
Westphalian boned smoked bacon with fried egg on wholemeal bread

EUR 14,90


Escalope of pork in breadcrumbs with mushroom cream sauce,
French fries and side salad

EUR 18,50


Cheese selection with grapes,
served with French bread and butter

EUR 13,00



Main Courses


Roasted filet of pork with gorgonzola-walnut sauce
served with glazed vegetables and potato gnocchi

EUR 23,00


Fine game stew in forest mushroom cream sauce
with apple-red cabbage and hazelnut spätzle

EUR 22,00


Beef Rumpsteak with oyster mushrooms
with a potato tart and salads of the season

EUR 28,00


Fried breast of duck with balsamic honey-jus
served with savoy cabbage and duchess potatoes

EUR 25,50


Fried saddle of venison on cranberry sauce,
 brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes and chestnuts

EUR 26,90




Fried rainbow trout with lemon-bacon butter
with roasted potatoes and salads of the season

EUR 24,50


Fried filet of sea bass on basil cream sauce
 with courgettes and tomato risotto

EUR 24,00


Fried king prawns sautéd in pesto rosso
with dried tomatoes on spaghetti

EUR 24,50





Cheese-spätzle with roasted onions
and salads of the season

EUR 14,90


Potato-vegetable-"Pickert" on herbal cream sauce
 and salads of the season

EUR 14,50




Crème brûlée with plum compote
and French hippenbiscuits

EUR 8,90


Fried apple rings with vanilla cream sauce

EUR 8,80


Mousse au chocolat with fresh fruits

EUR 9,00


Mandarin parfait with warm chocolate pie
and curd cheese-honey cream

EUR 9,30

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