Menu card



Cream of chilli-paprika with baked rocket

EUR 5,90


Clear tomato soup with parmesan dumplings

EUR 5,80


Westphalian potato soup with croutons

EUR 5,90





Fried calf kidney
with balsamic-honey and seasonal lettuce

EUR 13,90


Carpaccio from beef filet
 with radish-herbal marinade and parmesan shavings

EUR 14,50


Trout mousse on pumpernickel
with slices of smoked salmon and mustard-dill sauce

EUR 14,20



Small Dishes


“Nachtigall" salad with fried breast of chicken,
served with French bread

EUR 13,90


Mixed fish plate
with pepper mackerel, smoked salmon and filet of trout filet
served with cream of horseradish and toast

EUR 14,50


Baked camembert with cranberry sauce and salad garnish
served with toast and butter

EUR 13,50


“Strammer Max"
Westphalian boned smoked bacon with fried egg on brown bread

EUR 14,90


"Jäger Schnitzel"
with French fries and salad garnish

EUR 18,50


Cheese selection with grapes,
served with French bread and butter

EUR 13,90



Main Courses


Roasted pork fillet with herbal-goat cheese sauce
 on Mediterranean vegetables and ribbon noodles

EUR 23,90


Rack of lamb with thyme-sauce
on bell pepper-zucchini vegetables and "potato-cake"

EUR 26,90


Fried beef sirloin steak with onion-mustard crust
with roasted potatoes and salads of the season

EUR 28,00


Braised pork cheeks with balsamic jus
on glazed kohrabi and mashed potatoes

EUR 24,90


Roasted corn fed poularde breasts on herbal-cream sauce
with green asparagus and duchess potatoes

EUR 24,50




Fried filet of mullet
with Ratatouille vegetables and herbal-couscous

EUR 24,50


Fried filet of pikeperch with mustard seed sauce
on mixed vegetables and fried sweet potatoes

EUR 24,00


Sautéed king prawns with sweet chili sauce,
with Asia vegetables and Basmati rice

EUR 24,90





Poached egg with mustard sauce
on leaf spinach and boiled potatoes

EUR 13,90

Gnocchi in Gorgonzola cream sauce
with glazed vegetables and seasonal side salad

EUR 14,90




Marbled chocolate mousse
with vanilla sauce and hippen biscuit

EUR 9,00


Vanilla parfait with bilberry ragout and chocolate biscuit

EUR 8,90


Fruit salat with white wine sabyon

EUR 8,70


Crème Caramel with marinated slices of oranges

EUR 8,80


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