Menu card



Bell pepper chilli cream soup with baked rucola

EUR 6,70 

Clear tomato soup and vegetables

EUR 6,50


Carpaccio from beef filet with caper herb marinade

and grated parmesan

EUR 16,50 

Smoked salmon tartare with potato fritters,

horseradish and salad garnish

EUR 15,90


Main Courses

boiled veal on horseradish sauce

with vegetables and bouillon potatoes

EUR 27,50 

fried fillet of pork with dijon-mustard sauce

with green beans and hash brown potatoes

EUR 27,50

fried sirloin steak with peppersauce

and fried mushrooms, served with french fries

EUR 29,50 

fried king prawns with asian vegetables

and basmati rice

EUR 26,50

fried fillet of sea bream on pestosauce

with cherry tomatoes and spaghetti

EUR 27,50

(vegan) vegetable coconut curry

with basmati rice

EUR 14,90

“Schnitzel” with mushroom cream sauce

served with french fries

EUR 16,50

"Nachtigall" salad with fried breast of chicken,

served with oven fresh bread

EUR 14,50 

fried gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce

with glazed tomatoes

EUR 15,90

baked camembert with cranberry sauce and salad garnish,

served with toast and butter

EUR 14,50 

“Strammer Max”

Westphalian smoked ham

with fried eggs on wholemeal bread

EUR 12,90


in addition, on request

 we serve a small side salad

EUR 4,50



chocolate cake with a liquid center,

served with vanilla parfait

EUR 9,20

Creme Brûlée with ragout of wild berries

EUR 8,90

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