Menu card







Tomato consommé with

vegetable dices

EUR 6,20


Chanterelle cream soup

with cream topping

EUR 6,50







Carpaccio of beef fillet on leaf salads

with bell pepper marinade and parmesan cheese

EUR 15,90


Smoked salmon tartare with creamed horseradish

served with potato fritters

EUR 15,90





Main Courses



Beef Sirloin steak with fried chanterelles

and potato patties

EUR 27,90


Roasted pork fillet with creamed chanterelles

served with roast potatoes

EUR 25,50


Braised pork cheeks with red wine sauce

served with root vegetables and mashed potatoes

EUR 26,50


Fried fillet of sea bream with pesto cream sauce

served with spaghetti and cherry tomatoes

EUR 24,50


Fried king prawns on seasonal salad

marinated with raspberry vinaigrette

EUR 25,50



in addition, on request

we serve a portion of summer vegetables

EUR 4,50



For the small hunger


“Schnitzel” with mushroom cream sauce

served with French fries

EUR 15,00


"Nachtigall" salad with fried breast of chicken,

served with oven fresh bread

EUR 12,90


Fried gnocchi with chanterelles

with braised cherry tomatoes

EUR 14,50


Baked camembert with cranberry sauce and salad garnish

served with toast and butter

EUR 12,90


“Strammer Max”

Westphalian smoked ham

with fried eggs on wholemeal bread

EUR 9,90


(vegan) vegetable coconut curry

with basmati rice

EUR 9,90



in addition, on request

 we serve a small side salad

EUR 4,00




Mousse au Chocolat with fruit sauce

EUR 8,20


Baked apple rings with vanilla ice cream

EUR 8,30






Coffee and coffee specialities


Cup of coffee                                                           EUR  2,70

Cup of tea                                                               EUR  2,70

Espresso                                                                 EUR  2,70

Cappuccino                                                             EUR  3,20

Café au lait                                                            EUR  3,90

Latte macchiato                                                     EUR  3,90

Cup of hot chocolate                                               EUR  3,80



black tee:               Darjeeling, Assam Tonga, English Breakfast, Earl Grey

green tee:               China Wuyuan Jasmine, Marani

herbal tee:             Gourmet Kräutertee, Kamille, Minze, Anis-Kümmel-Fenchel

fruit tee:                Summer Romance, Blutorange, Winterapfel

redbush tee:           Rooibush Cream Caramel

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